6 Signs You May Have Hypothyroidism


Do you have an underactive thyroid? According to VeryWell Health, around one in every three hundred U.S. adults has hypothyroidism. Thankfully, this condition is treatable. Here are six common symptoms of hypothyroidism.

1. Chronic Exhaustion

Your thyroid has a direct impact on your energy levels. If you always feel tired, even after a full night of sleep, it’s possible there’s an issue with your thyroid. Many people with low thyroid levels feel physically and mentally drained all the time. With treatment, you may be able to address these symptoms and get your energy back.

2. Unexplained Weight Gain

Sometimes, sudden and unexpected weight gain is a sign of a health issue. An underactive thyroid can affect the way that your body stores calories. Many things can cause weight gain, but if you’ve been gaining weight while following a diet and exercise plan, talk to your doctor about your thyroid.

3. Muscle Cramps

It’s normal for your muscles to feel sore or achy after physical activity. However, people can always feel sore when thyroid hormone levels are low. People with hypothyroidism also report muscle weakness or stiffness, especially in the thighs and the shoulders.

4. Constantly Feeling Cold

Burning calories is a way for your body to generate heat. When you have an underactive thyroid, it can be difficult for your body to burn fat. That’s why many people with low thyroid levels are sensitive to cold. If you’ve noticed that you’re feeling colder than normal, that could be a cause for concern.

5. Sudden Changes In Mood

Thyroid disorders don’t just affect your body. They can also impact your mental health. It’s common for people with hypothyroidism to struggle with depressive symptoms. While this can be a sign of depression, it could also mean that you need your thyroid checked.

6. Very Dry Skin

If your skin is much drier than normal, or if you’re dealing with itching skin, it might have something to do with your thyroid. There are thyroid receptors on your skin, and when your thyroid levels are low, it could leave your skin feeling dry. In severe cases, it can even cause scaling and skin irritation.

Hypothyroidism can affect your body in many ways. If you’ve experienced any of the symptoms above, don’t ignore them. Pay attention to the signals your body sends you and get your thyroid checked. Contact Comprehensive Medical Weight Loss today to learn about our thyroid management services.